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NTFS Partition Wrong Size Displayed After Resize On Windows Server 2003?

We have a Dell Poweredge server running Server 2003.  We have a 160GB SCSI hard drive in it.

We had the configuration that came from Dell that featured 12GB primary partition and the rest as a logical partition.  

We can't run W2K3 with only 12GB, so we loaded up GParted (live CD), deleted the logical, and made two primary partitions (you can have up to four before you get into extended/logical areas) that we evenly divided.  All is fine, except....

We only still see 12GB in My Computer and the error that we are running out of space.  Yet in Computer Management/Disk Tool, it shows the entire amount.  In GParted, it shows to perfect partitions of the correct size.

I tried to do a DISKPART to extend the file system, but it wouldn't let me.

Help...we don't want to reload the entire system and their has to be a fix/solution....we are so close!
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