Using PHP or JAVA script can I send a message aleret to my desktop without taking over the focus

Scott Johnston
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I am trying built online IM system using HTTP.  I am stuck on sending an alert to the workstation notifying the user that some is in need of help.  Can I send a alert like Outlook does, that does not take over the focus on the PC.
Please advise or give me suggestions
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You can use the Java TrayIcon class.
Create a tray icon that displays baloons of notifications.

import java.awt.SystemTray;
import java.awt.TrayIcon;

Image icon image stream..);

To show the notification ballon:

TrayIcon.MessageType type = TrayIcon.MessageType.INFO;
icon.displayMessage("Title", "message to show", type);

For more examples search for Java TrayIcon

Scott JohnstonIT Technician


Perfect, This is exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you

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