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Slow SQL Server?

We have a doctor's office and use a propitiatory program to manage our patients.  Every system in the office is hooked to a switch with goes into our router and then server.  We only have a few computers and see maybe 20-30 patients a day.

Network speed is not an issue.

Internet connectivity/speed is not an issue.

Server speed is not an issue (quad core with 8GB of memory -- only a few years old).

When we go to access our software, it loads fine.

However, when we try to pull up and manipulate client data (add appointment, add client, et cetera) it is extremely slow.  I know it runs off the SQL server on our W2K3 server and all the data is stored locally.

The company that built this has horrible tech support.

Can someone offer some "good practices" to maintain SQL database?  Something to look for....to speed up SQL access/read/write???
Windows Server 2003Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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