Adobe Acrobat Digital Signature - hide the yellow question mark

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Adobe Acrobat Digital Signature - an unverified signature displays a yellow question mark.  This is really confusing to my clients.  Is there a way to hide or suppress the yellow question mark?
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That would defeat the purpose of a signature: the user needs to know if a signature can be trusted or not. Your strategy should be to educate your users and let them know how they can verify your signature and therefore trust that it was indeed you who signed the document.


I certainly agree with your comment, but It's turning out to be harder to educate those users than I ever imaginged!

The Yellow Question mark and the "SIgnature not validated" message comes across to my (very unsophisticated) users as a "bad thing"... I'm wondering if there's anyway in Adobe/Javascript/etc. to "tone down" that yellow icon & message.  Perhaps replace the "SIgnature is not validated" to something less scary.

If there were a way, somebody would exploit it to do nasty things, so no, it's not possible to change the message or the behavior of Acrobat (or Reader).

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