How to retreive emails from Exchange 2007

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I would like to be able to retrieve emails that was sent to s specific user from a specific external user during a specific month. I know I can track it, is there a way to retrieve so I can forward them to someone else.

thank you
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a simple method - one of several you could use

1). Create the user's account on your own computer if not in the domain.  If in the domain, simply log into your computer as that user.

2). Setup Outlook and download the user's email file to your local machine.

3). Use the search/find feature inside of MS Outlook to locate the file you are looking for...

** If the user has the data archived, locate the archive file and copy it to your computer and open it to search it.

** If you don't know the user's password, change it to something you know in AD and perform the above steps.  Then set it to password and have it change at next logon.  if the user asks ... just say he must have messed something up.  not ethical - but it gets the job done.
Please explain mail sent from external user to you internal user is that what you want to say? and you want to retriew email from that mailbox.


I want to retreive email that already has  been sent to that user. I do not know if this user still has those emails. Is there a way to retrieve those emails from the server? I know I see them in the message tracking.

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