Domain Controller Replacement

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Greetings all, this is my first question on the site, I have planned to replace a domain controller, the operational level is in native mode, because all domain controllers are Windows Server 2003, but we want to install the new domain controller with Windows Server 2008, there is a problem if we do this? The domain controller to replace is not the first controller in the domain.
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There should not be any problems as long as your domain is healthy.

Prep the forest/domain to 2008 (or 2008R2), then you should have no problem running a domain with a  mix of 2003 and 2008 DC.

You can raise the domain level to 2008 until all DCs are 2008.
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
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No, there aren't any problems. You just need to run ADPrep to update the schema and promote the new server as a Domain Controller. can't raise the domain level to 2008 until...
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by default when you create a new AD tree root the domain/forest funtionality is 2003.  you may not need to decomission the old servers

best practice is to have 2 dc's
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There is no problem to have Windows 2008 Server and Windows 2003 Server mixed together running as Domain Controllers

Here are the steps on adding a 2008 server a domain controller

Here is an article on changes in adprep in 2008 R2



Thanks for your comments and suggestions, I forgot to mention that the domain controller, that i want to replace, is also DHCP server, share files and printers, some special suggest about this?
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Look in the link I posted this will give you the full guide

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