SBS 2003 Replication issue - no other DCs!

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Getting prepped to do a SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 migration and getting an error when running the migration prep tool. The tool cannot upgrade the schema. In looking at the eventvwr on the SBS server there is an error:

This server is the owner of the following FSMO role, but does not consider it valid.

This is the only DC and the DNS of this server points back to itself. How can I correct this so I can move forward with my SBS 2011 migration?

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Start by downloading the SBS BPA for SBS 2003 and running that. That should give more clear answers as to problems it finds and how to clean them up.

Then use the "IT Health Scanner" which is more AD centric, but again the feedback the tool provides helps find the proper KB articles.

finally, as the migration document states, you should run the dcdiag stuff and check for those errors. DCDiag would flag these errors as well, so you shouldn't actually even *be* at the migration preparation state yet.



This is the results from the least the interesting parts. Funny thing is there has never been another DC in the mix. There are two other servers, but they are not domain controllers.

   Running enterprise tests on : ds.local
      Starting test: Intersite
         ......................... ds.local passed test Intersite
      Starting test: FsmoCheck
         Warning: DcGetDcName(TIME_SERVER) call failed, error 1355
         A Time Server could not be located.
         The server holding the PDC role is down.
         Warning: DcGetDcName(GOOD_TIME_SERVER_PREFERRED) call failed, error 1355
         A Good Time Server could not be located.
         ......................... ds.local failed test FsmoCheck


Woops....that appears to be a Windows Time service issue. I have started that and I need to restart the server. More to come!
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For whatever reason AD thinks there is another DC in the mix. Where can I check to see what machine it thinks it out there?


I found an old DC listed in Active Directory Sites and Services. Not sure why it is there. Now what is the cleanest way to remove that?
if thats the only dc currently use

check masters roles with FSMO tools
after u check do a metatag clean up

follow steps 1 and 3 only
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First, can't help but notice that dcdiag couldn't find the PDC role server. So we need to seize all FSMO roles so they are in a consistent state.


Start with a backup.

Start with a backup!

Okay, now, seize the FSMO roles using this procedure:

After that is complete, you'll need to remove all references to the old server in DNS, DHCP, and AD.  DNS and DHCP I think are straightforward (use the snapins, walk the trees), but AD can be a bit tricky.

First, remove all references to the old machine in ADUC. Then go to ADSS (sites and services) and remove all references there as well (may still be replication entries).

Finally, remove the metadata using this procedure:

That should get you sorted. Make sure the dcdiag *and* the BPA comes back clean. Other things can still kill a migration, so don't skip *ANY* pretests!



I cleaned it out via asdiedit, seized the roles to be safe and ran dcdiag. All looks better. Going to reboot the server after hours and make sure all is well.

No idea where that old DC came from.
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