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Move site from IIS6 to IIS7

Hi all,

We are running two virtual webservers on the same host machine.

1. Virtual server one is our current webserver with two sites running on IIS6 on win 2003.

2. Virtual server 2 is running win server 2008 with IIS7.

I need to move the two sites on the win 2003 server to the  win2008 server running IIS7. Our intent is that we migrate to the new win 2008 server with IIS7 and remove the old win2003 server.

I'm finding IIS7 to be quite different from IIS6 and a bit confusing. I understand how to add the two new sites in IIS7 but Im a bit confused about the unique binding in IIS7. If I add two sites with port 80 it seems that IIS7 requires each site to have a unique port? Isnt port 80 standard for http?

On our old server all site directories were under C:\intepub\www. When I create each site and point to the proper directory under www they also appear under the default site which I dont need. Can I remove the default site?

Lastly I've heard about the Microsoft Web Deployment tool. Can someone point me to a good example of using the tool (command line) to migrate a site (not asp specific) to IIS7 using the tool. Are there any drawbacks to using this tool? Would it be cleaner to just recreate the new sites manually on IIS7?

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