Excel Conditional Formatting - 8 colors, 8 value ranges

John Darby
John Darby used Ask the Experts™
I have 8 data ranges which apply to one evaluated cell for which I want to color a single target cell...
0-19 - White
20-39 - Yellow
40-59 - Orange
60-79 - Green
80-119 - Blue
120-159 - Brown
160-179 - Red
180 and greater - Black

Is there a way you might suggest creating the formatting logic? The numbers are hours and the color represent the belt color for which a student is minimally eligible for a belt rank. My idea is to have a single cell in the workbook which displays the color for which the student is minimally eligibled based on training hours logged.

Thank you!
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VBA Developer
have a look at the attached, it applies to cell D2 as the cell with the hours in it.  And the conditional formatting is applied in column G.



An immense help! Thank you!
TracyVBA Developer

Happy to help :-)

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