Windows Server 2008 R2 HypverV - pass-through disks and RAID and backup

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I have a pass-through 2 + TB passthrough/physical disk attached to a 2008 R2 HyperV VM.  

1) Can I RAID this just like I would a real physical disk

2) I am under the impression that I can't backup a passthrough/physical disk via server 2008 backup of the host and have to do it within the VM.  Is that correct? I would really like to have only backup for the host and all the VM's running on the host.
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When you are using a passthrough, you are connecting to a real physical disk. Yes, you can use RAID. The host has no access to a passthrough disk, so you can't backup that disk from the host. You will need to do it from the VM. If you want to be able to backup from the host, you will need to have the data on VHD.



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