Upgrade AD Domain and Functional level to 2003 with 2000 servers present

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I currently have an active directory environment where all of my domain controllers are Windows Server 2003 or later. I want to upgrade my domain and forest functional levels to Windows Server 2003 so that I can install Exchange 2010

My environment is fairly large and I believe I may have one or more Windows 2000 servers operating though they are NOT domain controllers. Will they be affected by this change? I'm looking to find some documentation from Microsoft that states this explicitly.

Thanks very much for your help.
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Juan OcasioApplication Developer

If they are not DCs then it should be no problem.  They would be regular member servers.  It would be a problem if you were going to try to promote them to DCs
technically, unless the 2000 servers are active in domain management, the functional level of the domain is not going to be an issue.

however, to satisfy your request about documentation:


You should ensure that the DCs have been upgraded to Windows 2003. If you have windows 2000 as Memeber servers, that is okay.

You can check the following article which clearly indicated that the forest and domain functionality level has to be increated to 2003

after this please understand that when we say that the forest functionality  / domain functionality level has to be raised, it refers only  to DCs.
Please refer to :

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