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Jerry Paladino
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Linksys WRT610N V1
Firmware Version 1.00.02 B10
Windows XP  Service Pack 3

I have a Linksys WRT610N V1 router that has 3 wired PCs, two wired printers and a wired Blue Ray player for the TV.  All the wired systems work fine.   All the wireless devices in the house sporadically will have a connection for a while and then no connection for while.   I currently have the security disabled (been trying several things)… and all wireless enabled for only the devices that I have listed in the MAC Address Filter.   The attached PDF file has several screen shots of the routers setup screens.

Wireless devices – HP Laptop, several iPhones, Kindle, etc…    My internet provider is Earthlink coming through a Comcast Cable modem.  The cable modem is Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2.

I know very little about networks so if I need to provide additional information please point me in the right direction.  I would like to get this corrected so I have a constant wireless connection to the wireless devices in the house.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Download Netstumbler on one of your laptops and walk around your house using it.  


Look for any other wireless devices that might be interfering with your signal.

Try different channels (1 - 11).

Unplug and de-battery (that is a word, I just made it up) all of your cordless phones.  Unplug any other "wireless appliances" so you are just running the laptops and test it.

test each wireless device one at a time (bring them online one at a time) until you have a failure.

possible items to look at directly:  wireless all-in-one appliances like Printers, etc.  many times, I have seen these devices go "rogue" and knock people off wireless networks.
Try looking at power settings for wireless card. In xp that is in device manager
Warbinger -
that will take me a while so not sure I can respone quickly on the results but I will give it a try.

jakob_di -
Not sure about the wireless card suggestion.  The only device on the wireless network with XP is the HP laptop and I have found that once one of the wireless devices drops they all drop.  The laptop, the iphones, etc....  Seems like something is taking down the full wireless network every couple of hours and it is down for several hours then magically comes back.

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I'd change the channel, as if it affects all the laptops it sounds more like interference than a setting on a client.
I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions.   I followed the advice and learned some things in the process.   The ultimate solution was the purchase of a new Cisco E4200.   All devices on the network are now up and running.


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