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Global variables

Hi Experts,

I am using a web service API to retrieve holiday information, please consider the following pseudo code:

Sub ButtonOnClick_ApiGetCountryList

     countryList = webService.GetCountryList

End Sub

Sub ButtonOnClick_ApiGetHotelList

     hotelList = webService.GetHotelList(Country)

End Sub

Sub ButtonOnClick_ApiGetAirportList

     airportlList = webService.GetAirportlList(Country)

End Sub

Sub ButtonOnClick_ApiGetBeachlList

     BeachList = webService.GetBeachlList(Country)

End Sub

Once the user has clicked the get country button and the web service has delivered a list of countries I need a country from that list to be available to the other three subs. How do I do this without using a global variable or is it OK to use a global variable?
.NET Programming

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Questions: How often does the webService information change regarding the lifetime of your app?
Is it a asp.net/winform project?
Are these lists used elsewhere in your app, appart  from the form/page you are displaying?

I will put countryList as global variable, but the others as cached form variables (say 5-10 minutes).
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I would set it up as a class library, using stored procedure to pull your country information. Then you simply access it with one line of code in each section. Something like classLibraryName.className.attribute. In your example it a possibility would be clsLibrary.Country.countryName or clsLibrary.Country.countryID.

Hi, you have to follow the these queries.

Into the webService.GetCountryList() query you have to write one more filter that the id of country is matched with the id of countryid which is into the hotellist table and the id of country is matched with the id of countryid which is into the airportlist table and the id of country is matched with the id of countryid which is into the beachlist table. You must have to one id field for storing the id of country into each table for relationships between these four tables.
.NET Programming
.NET Programming

The .NET Framework is not specific to any one programming language; rather, it includes a library of functions that allows developers to rapidly build applications. Several supported languages include C#, VB.NET, C++ or ASP.NET.

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