is it ok to put backup exec 2010 and exchange on the same box ?

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is it ok to put backup exec 2010 and exchange on the same box ?

why are why not


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Exchange will consume 95%(roughly) of the systems resources and is supposed to release them as required to other apps, but you will affect Mail processing speeds while a backup is running.
I would recommend moving BUExec to another box.


ok do you have any links that support this?
Thorrsson correctly states that Exchange will use a large percentage of memory.  He also correctly states that it releases memory for other apps as needed.  

Having said that, you really need to provide more information - processor speed, number of processors, how much memory is installed, number of mailboxes, amount of messages Exchange is processing, other roles the server is fulfilling, other apps running on server, and probably a few others.  

Having said that, note Symantec has a specific version of Backup Exec for SBS, which includes and requires Exchange to run on the same box.  So, I would say generally speaking, yes, it is OK to put Backup Exec on the same server as Exchange.  That answer is dependent on getting better idea of your environment and server.

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