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So I understand if I want to make an entire site available for offline viewing I can do:

wget http://www.mysite.com --convert-links --recursive

But how could I make part of a site available for offline viewing, such as:


Say I want that page and all the pages if you click on people's faces.
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same way

wget http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topen --convert-links --recursive

It will get everything on that page, and all the links on that page, and convert the links also.

There is an option of how deep you want the recursion to be (--level = NUMBER).



So, my above statement would not get the ENTIRE website?  Unless I did something like --level=9999999
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default level is 5. It is sufficient for most of sites.
However, you found missing link or image, then you might want to increase the level number.

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