netfs hangs

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Am setting up several new rhel6 systems.  Systems "A" is a nfs server.  System "b" is client.
Have exported lots but never run into this problem.  Exportfs is clean - no error in exports.  
On client, cannot get connectio.  Get no error messages, nothing. Manually ran "service netfs restart" and it hangs, eventually terminaging with the error "Mounting NFS filesystems:  mount.nfs: connection timed out.".  Thought maybe hosts.allow, and added to each client and server side "portmap, mountd: 172.16.132. "  No difference.  Verified the IP addresses of both servers in hostfile (intentionally static).
Any ideas?
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does the server have the appropriate ports open and listening?
2049 TCP
2049 UDP
111 TCP
111 UDP

Do the client and server have matching versions of NFS? if not you may need to specify a "-o nfsvers=x" in your mount command
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1. Check whether there is firewall running on NFS server or client. Turn it off if there is any.
# service iptables status

2. Check the NFS daemon on NFS server
# ps -lef |grep -i nfs

3. Check the exportfs
cat /etc/exports   (please post here)

4. Check the rpcinfo on both server and client
# rpcinfo -p

5. Check the mount option on client. Please post here.


Probably impossible to provide more exact info, hence complete is indicated as partial.  Accurate is highest as between the two replies, I was able to determine the cause of the problem.  wesly_chen is indicated as more accurate since the primary problem was the default Linux firewall on configuration.  However, it was Thorrsson that lead me to the specific resolution with the port numbers.  
As a result of these 2 replies, I was able to research the requirements for nfs4 and locate hte firewall on config, but elected to leave the firewall on and open just what is needed.

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