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How do I keep the website live during the domain transition?

I am facing a small problem in hosting bollywoodshaadis.com on bollywood-shaadis.com.
Here is a description of the problem:

Originally, the plan was to make bollywoodshaadis.com as the  parent (national) website of child websites DelhiWeddingPlanners.com, MumbaiWeddingPlanners.com, etc. Then, we decided to actually make the domain bollywood-shaadis.com as the parent domain.The following question pertains to this goal.
While creating a new account on hostgator for bollywoodshaadis.com, I had mentioned it as my primary domain name. Any subsequent domain additions to this account (Please mind that I have to host all portals even the child portals on this user space itself as I need to share database) are considered as "Additional Domains". Now additional domains act like subdomains to the primary domain. For example consider the following link: http://bollywoodshaadis.com/delhiweddingplanners.com/ although this link looks absurd, it actually points to the physical location of DelhiWeddingPlanners.com. Similarly all websites, such as MumbaiWeddingPlanners.com and BangaloreWeddingPlanners.com, are hosted in this manner.
Now if I add bollywood-shaadis.com as an additional domain its not a problem. In fact I have already done that. Problem comes when I need sub-domains (delhi.bollywood-shaadis.com) on bollywood-shaadis.com. For creating this I have to fiddle with my subdomain records
and if that takes time to propagate or worst off something goes bad on my live server, all the child websites will be dead as for all of them bollywoodshaadis.com acts as an image server(article images only). And you have to keep in mind that I use cpanel to do all the changes for subdomains and other server administration as I am not very comfortable fiddling with httpd.conf file directly or domain records directly. In fact, I have faces such propagation problem before while I was setting up bollywoodshaadis.com's sub domains initially, the whole site went down after I changed records as the Host gator admin told me that it takes time to propagate any change. And also due to some hostgator's fault the domain started to point back to the default parking page and I had to contact gator chat to fix it up for me. Any such goof up can't be tolerated on a live project. For this reason I am a little paranoid about doing this small change which practically would take me few minutes to do.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks!
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