How do I keep the website live during the domain transition?

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I am facing a small problem in hosting on
Here is a description of the problem:

Originally, the plan was to make as the  parent (national) website of child websites,, etc. Then, we decided to actually make the domain as the parent domain.The following question pertains to this goal.
While creating a new account on hostgator for, I had mentioned it as my primary domain name. Any subsequent domain additions to this account (Please mind that I have to host all portals even the child portals on this user space itself as I need to share database) are considered as "Additional Domains". Now additional domains act like subdomains to the primary domain. For example consider the following link: although this link looks absurd, it actually points to the physical location of Similarly all websites, such as and, are hosted in this manner.
Now if I add as an additional domain its not a problem. In fact I have already done that. Problem comes when I need sub-domains ( on For creating this I have to fiddle with my subdomain records
and if that takes time to propagate or worst off something goes bad on my live server, all the child websites will be dead as for all of them acts as an image server(article images only). And you have to keep in mind that I use cpanel to do all the changes for subdomains and other server administration as I am not very comfortable fiddling with httpd.conf file directly or domain records directly. In fact, I have faces such propagation problem before while I was setting up's sub domains initially, the whole site went down after I changed records as the Host gator admin told me that it takes time to propagate any change. And also due to some hostgator's fault the domain started to point back to the default parking page and I had to contact gator chat to fix it up for me. Any such goof up can't be tolerated on a live project. For this reason I am a little paranoid about doing this small change which practically would take me few minutes to do.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks!
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There won't be any DNS changes to propagate: DNS just holds the domain name and the server's IP address.  If you are shuffling domains around on the same server, the IP address won't be changing and there's nothing for the DNS to do.

When you use cPanel's Add domain to add the domains like it will suggest a Document root of /public_html/ and that's what will be creating a folder on  You can simply avoid that confusion (and remove the risk of you accidentally deleting the folder if you ever forgot its significance) by not accepting the default Document root of /public_html/  Change it to / and then's files can go in their own folder on the same level as public_html instead of a subfolder of it.



But as I mentioned in my earlier post, I faces such a problem. I added another sub domain definition and the cpanel messed the other sites' subdomains too. The domains started to point to  the default parking page for no reason.

My service providers didn't provide me with a legitimate reason for that.

The reason for my added adding the addon domains under the primary domains folder was that I needed to share the application space.

Anyways thanks for your advice it will certainly help me in making decisions in future. For now I will host the images on  a different server before experimenting with the sub domains.
Your cPanel account's disc quota applies to your whole user folder (eg /home/username/) so your email (stored in /home/username/mail/ and your website (stored in /home/username/public_html/) share the same quota.  Creating new folders in your user folder for the other domains (eg /home/username/ will still be counted in the same quota so it's still shared.  There's no need to put them all in the main site's public_html folder.

I don't follow what you're saying that you did when your domains displayed the default parking page but nothing happened for no reason - they will have been a reason behind it and that's best discovered by looking back at whatever you or your host did to remedy the problem.

You're going to need your host's assistance to change your account's main domain anyway (unless you have WHM reseller/root access not via your main account name) so if you don't trust them to be helpful it's time to find a new host.

If you have images being loaded from one domain you can either create a symbolic link or just search/replace the old image host domain and replace with the new one.  That's easily done no matter if the image source references are in .htm/.php files or in your MySQL database.


Hi I by quota or application space I didn't mean the physical storage space. It's the source code base that is shared by these applications.

About the lack of proper response from the host we are surely considering sending them a negative feedback regarding this issue.

For solving the parking problem, the host's support executive asked me to remove and add the subdomain details again after that it started to work in around four hour's time.

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