delphi Access and fbc extension file

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Hi Experts,
I have just started working with an application that is using an access database.
The database is in a file with an fbc extension.
What is an fbc file and why has the database been put into it?
How do I get to look at the data and schema of the database?
Thanks for your help in this matter.
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Database for vertical apps usually name the extension something personal to them, perhaps the name of the software package sold to the customer. Don't worry about the file extension in other words. Now, to find out what type of schema is being used you can use a nice text editor like Notepad2 or Notepad++ and the first 1000k should have the scheme present in readable text somewhere.
just use ms access database,
open ms access database, then open the file,
to open the file,
type *.*,
then point it on the folder that .fbc located.

I guess the previous developer wrote it with an extension of .fbc


pcunite and systan
Thanks for the comments guys.
I'll try to open the file with Access when I go into the office tomorrow morning.
Why would someone want to name the file with the .fbc extention rather then the default access db extention?
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if my answer fits to your question, i think it depends on the developer, the developer wants a unique filename that extension is a fire_bird_client database, but firebird has fdb/gdb.  So anyone would take over the database system would react like you did.
anyway, according to the sites I've read, .fbc stands for a familytree compress backup, unless that is your working.

In applications I've developed, using SQLite, I name the extension something related to the application or to guarantee I can associate the file extension and cause an effect when clicked.
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rename the extension from fbc to mdb and try to open it with Access.

If that doesn't work, try renaming to ftm


Thanks guys for your help.
I was able to open the file in ms Access.
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What did you do to get the file to open in Access?

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