Should I upgrade my AirPort Express?

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So, in July of 2008, I bought an AirPort Express, because my then boyfriend (now husband) house didn't have wireless, and I had laptop and preferred a wireless connection.  It has been been a faithful reliable servant  in my house since then.  

Has there been any hardware improvements since 2008?  Is it worth spending the $99.00 to buy a replacement?
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You most probably don't have 802.11n support so it's most probably the only reason to upgrade. Higher speed is always good, right?

I guess we know more about your love life upgrades then we do about your computer. ;-)

Since you didn't mention a new computer, you would not get the benefit of faster speed (802.11n) unless you upgraded the wireless speed of your computer. Both the computer and the router would need to be upgraded to get faster speeds. I would revisit the question then.

If you everything is working now with your AP Express, I'd keep it.

There is the very cool feature of sharing a large hard drive using an AirPort EXTREME (not Express). This allows Time Machine to backup your data wirelessly, which is a nice thing for laptops as they come and go. That would be the one argument for investigating this further.

You can use the AirPort Setup utility to make sure that your AP has the latest firmware upgrade. That may add a feature (unlikely) or improve reliability.

Final Word: The Extreme or Time Capsule would be worth looking at.


in July 2008, the Express had 802.11n, as does my laptop.   As the question said, I was curious if anyone new if there had been signification hardware improvements to the device since 2008.  It's the only piece of Apple Equipment I have in my house.  

I was hopping there had been some improvement to the amount of thermal leakage since 2008, as the device tends to put out quite a bit of heat.
No, There is no technical reason to upgrade.

By the way, do you use your Airport Express to connect to a sound system or stereo? (AirTunes) I love this feature.

If not, I would not particularly recommend the Airport over a $40 DLink or Linksys router or other cheap router. They probably have better Antennas, better range and therefore less energy lost to heat. Smaller antenna would equal more wasted energy in general.

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