Is there a product similar to flashpaste (clipboard software) for Mac?

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Is there a program that is similar to flashpaste that works on the Mac?

Key Features:
*Activated with a keyboard shortcut
*Text can be organized and stored
*Simple way to organize and recall clips

I use this to copy/paste text that I write repeatedly and sometimes I don't want to work on the PC for this feature.  It is great for coding and responding to emails.

I am looking for something similar on the Mac side.  I have used JumpCut but it requires too many steps to drop things in and organize.

This software does not have to be open source or free.

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I would recommend LaunchBar, even it does a lot of more.


Thanks for the suggestion Robert.  I installed launchbar but it doesn't have a way to organize blocks of texts to drop from the clipboard.
invoke Launchbar and hit Apple+K

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