MSSQL Server 2008, what are "TEST" services?

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in Program Files\C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server there are pairs of folders such as:
MSRS10.MSSQLSERVER and MSRS10.TEST and other similar pairs.

These are reflected in running services such as:
"SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER") and
"SQL Server Reporting Services (TEST)"

The MSRS10.TEST folder is corrupt and the system can't start "SQL Server Reporting Services (TEST)". Logs are complaining.  The functional part of our DB seems to be fine.

What is the TEST function? What happens if it is not running? Can it be stopped altogether? I need advice about turning it off (my first choice), or failing that, some advice on how to rebuild the corrupt programs (my second choice).
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SQL Server Reporting Services (TEST) is a instance of service that was installed in the past thats all
SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER")  is another instance
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You have installed two instance of Reporting service.

If you have installed single instance of service then folder have only single "MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER'
other than two.

Please remove the other instance "Test" from the system.
PatelAlpesh: Please point me in the direction of how to remove an "instance".
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I started following instruction from the MS site to remove an instance, using Add/Remove Programs. Got past the test check for successful removal, but chickened out at the OK button after that page. I need to know that I will have plenty of warning before I might accidentally remove the production (MSSQLSERVER) instance. In the meantime, I have disabled all services associated with the TEST instance.
PatelAlpesh (or anyone): Can you confirm that if I choose the OK button in the Add/Delete SQL Server wizard (see above), that I will have choices as to what to delete? I have not done it before, and it is not clear to me from the wizard that this would not delete the entire SQL serverat that point.
When you run the setup from the Add/Remove programs, you should have to choose an instance of SQL Server before continuing and then you will get to uncheck the feature of Reporting Services for TEST.  If you don't get that option, you can attach a screenshot and that will give us an idea of what you are running into.

In the meantime, it is perfectly OK to disable the services for TEST reporting Services.
I have taken a look at add/remove programs on the SQL server. Which would I choose to remove to access removal of a particular instance of SQL? Add/Remove screen
The one that is SQL 2008 (64 bit). That is the server install. The others are supporting parts of SQL.
Here are step-by-step graphic instructions on uninstalling an instance of SQL 2008. It still made my heart beat fast until I could verify that the production SQL server was still up and running...

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