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One AD site - running an SCC Mailbox cluster, two Hub/CAS combo boxes. All Exchange 2007.

I notice on one of the Hub/CAS combos that sometimes users complain of poor OWA performance. If they access via Outlook, all is fine, as is accessing the other Hub/CAS combo.

I can see high page faults/sec (35,000) and pages/sec (25) during these times. I'm not sure if they are the cause or an effect.

How would I find out more? There must be a bottleneck but I don't know where?

OS is Windows 2008 Server.
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Please run a exchange best practises analyser and exchange troubleshooting assistant on the affected exchange server

Sounds like a memory bottleneck.


"Sounds like a memory bottleneck. "

How can we prove this and what can we do to fix?
Check this article for a start on finding bottlenecks, baseline and monitor these for finding possible bottlenecks:

And this article for understanding of Exchange 2007 memory usage:

It is important to monitor Memory\Pages/sec on the server to detect if this working set trimming problem is causing any performance related problems on the server. You should be able to see by adding Process\Working Sets a sharp decline in this value along with a sharp increase in Memory\Pages/sec

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