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So I have a link that submits to a form and the process takes the id and loads the information from node load.

$p = node_load($_GET['p']);

The problem I am running into is that I have the option to have more then one id.  How do I get the different ids out of $p.  The come over delimited by a comma (1,2,3).  Any thoughts?
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The problem is not very clear. Can you please explain in detail what are you trying to do and what value is coming on $_GET['p']


So some gets to a page like this and either check the additional products below or just click "Initiate Order".  That sends the user to the order page where there is a form pre-populated with the item information.  The form was built for 1 item to be populated but I have had to alter the product page for additional items to be added.  I have run into a snag where I am unsure how to loop through on GET to get the additional ids.  The URL would look like order?p=2 for 1 or order?p=2,33,34 and so on.

<?php if($_GET['p']):

print $_GET['p'];

$p = node_load($_GET['p']); 

$form['submitted']['product_name']['#value'] 	= $p->title;
$form['submitted']['serial_number']['#value'] 	= $p->field_serial[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['dimensions']['#value'] 		= $p->field_dimensions[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['wood']['#value'] 			= $p->field_wood[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['finish']['#value'] 			= $p->field_finish[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['upholstery']['#value'] 		= $p->field_upholstery[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['hardware']['#value'] 		= $p->field_hardware[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['irregular_price']['#value']	= $p->field_irr_price[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['standard_price']['#value'] 	= $p->field_std_price[0]['value'];

print drupal_render($form);

else: ?>

<p>You have not selected any product</p>

<?php endif ?>

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I was thinking for the additional items that I would need to do a textarea or just to put it all in a text area.
you can do one thing explode the values in p into an array.


$p = explode(',', $_GET['p']);
//Now you can process $p iteratively and do whatever you want.

foreach($p as $val) {
    //do something with $val.

Hope this helps.
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Hopefully the last issue.  So I have the form rendering and everything is populated.  The start of the additional items the textarea is populated only with the title, none of the other lines are coming in.


$p = explode(',', $_GET['p']);
$i = 1;

foreach($p as $val):
	$q = node_load($val);

	if ($i==1) {
		$form['submitted']['product_name']['#value'] 	= $q->title;
		$form['submitted']['serial_number']['#value'] 	= $q->field_serial[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['dimensions']['#value'] 		= $q->field_dimensions[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['wood']['#value'] 			= $q->field_wood[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['finish']['#value'] 			= $q->field_finish[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['upholstery']['#value'] 		= $q->field_upholstery[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['hardware']['#value'] 		= $q->field_hardware[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['irregular_price']['#value']	= $q->field_irr_price[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['standard_price']['#value'] 	= $q->field_std_price[0]['value'];
	} else {
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	= $q->title." ".$q->field_serial[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	.= $q->field_serial[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	.= $q->field_dimensions[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	.= $q->field_wood[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	.= $q->field_finish[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	.= $q->field_upholstery[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value'] 	.= $q->field_hardware[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value']	.= $q->field_irr_price[0]['value'];
		$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value']	.= $q->field_std_price[0]['value'];


print drupal_render($form);


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One thing I can see is that even the first assignment should be with a . (concatenation) else the last product will override the information of previous additional products.

So replace, $form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value']        = $q->title." ".$q->field_serial[0]['value'];
$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value']        .= $q->title." ".$q->field_serial[0]['value'];
Also, please do a print_r($q) and try to see how the object is constructed. This would be helpful in debugging.


The last bit was boneheadedness :D  The field names are different for additional items then products and I just copied and pasted them over and didnt change the names.

One last question.  on the textarea is there a way to do returns so it looks more like
Serial Number
Try using "\n" at the end of each line.

For e.g. (using your existing code for reference)

$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value']       .= "Title: " . $q->title." ".$q->field_serial[0]['value'] . "\n";
$form['submitted']['additional_items']['#value']       .= "Serial: " . $q->field_serial[0]['value'] . "\n";
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DId I select my own post?  Boy its been a long night.  Sorry about that.

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