Incomplete 3GP file - any way to fix

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My wife was recording our son's first visit to the dentist (his first cavity filling) and while recording she ran out of space.  No warning, just acted like it was still recording and that was it.  Didn't notice any problems until we tried playing.  

I've tried playing on phone, in GOM, in VLC, in WMP, all to no avail

Tried repairing with All Media fixer - says repaired but not playing anywhere
Tried converting and then playing using two different apps - one said it converted, the other said it failed, neither converted file played.

Is there anyone who knows of any way to turn this file into a playable file?  from  googling and reading I saw that the 3GP files actually write all their header info at the end of the file and I guess that's why it wont work...  All data should be there (79MB file) so maybe there's something I can hex, maybe another app, anything.... HELP!  This is one of those 'firsts' that you wanna keep ya know?

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It's your best chance of recovery. Good Luck.


Thank you Dennis

All that is is a link to stellar phoenix photo recovery (which also does vid and sound).  Unless you know of a way to use it to 'repair' a file that I couldnt find, then all it does is recover deleted files.  I've used stellar phoneix applications and they ARE great at recovery but I could not find a way for it to actually select a specific file and do a 'repair'.  Do you know how?
Don't know if it will work on this, but worth looking at:

Audacity Sound Editor

# Open raw (headerless) audio files using the “Import Raw” command.
# Note: Audacity does not currently support WMA, AAC, or most other proprietary or restricted file formats.
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Assuming you already made a backup copy, I was thinking along the line where you delete the files off your your drive and then let 3GPrecovery attempt to recover your files again and hopefully rebuild a generic header to those 3GP files.
Guess I could give that a shot... but kinda sad that I would have to pay for the app and not get anything for it if it doesnt work.  The problem with the 3GP is that all the header info is at the end of the file so if it ran out of space it just never wrote that info :(  Wish I knew how to create my own header info for it.  Not afraid to try and hex it myself but no idea where to start...


None of the above helped but at least you replied so enjoy the points.

Thank for the feedback.  Sorry to hear nothing worked.   : /

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