What would cause a SSL negotiation to break down?

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Working under the knowledge that traffic is passing normally across a network...

What would cause SSL negotiation to break down between a client and server?

I have observed a client send a "Client Hello" to the server over SSL. Then the server sends an ACK for the "Client Hello" packet. However, the server fails to respond.

Approximately 30 seconds later, the client sends a "Client Hello" to the server via SSLv2. Then the server sends an ACK for the "Client Hello". Then the server sends a "Server Hello" to the client via SSLv3.

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Are you seeing this across the wire, from the client's perspective, or from the server's perspective?  (where are you?)

Is the server side operating under normal conditions? (any DDOS underway?)
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A client might support one mode of Secure Communication (SSL1/23 and TLS) while the Server only supports the other (TLS 1.0). This is usually means that the server is not configured correctly.
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I agree with Mod_MarlEE, seems like a homework question.

TLS V1 standard: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2246.txt

Baed on SSL V3, SSL was developed by NetScape TLS is the RCF'ed public version of SSL.

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aikimark - I have two separate sniffs running to confirm that the network is behaving normally. One sniff is running on the client's local interface and the other is running on the switchport that the server is directly attached to. It is possible that the server is over-utilized.

arnold - This is my suspicion and specifically what I am attempting to isolate. The server's admin is convinced that it is not his machine, and I am thus attempting to understand the process so that I can help him troubleshoot it.
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Here is a starting point for ssl inner workings.

The ssl_accept ssl_connect calls are the ones used to setup a connection.
wiki.cacert.org is a site with a lot of infarmation esp. about trust around a certificate.
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The over utilization of the server will not manifest in the way you describe. The responses will be delayed but not. I think citrix can be configured to prefer one protocol (TLS/SS3) versus (SSL1/2).  I think a search.
First check the citrix configuration that it is configured for both SSL and TLS. Then you can confirm the same thing on the client. Do not have a link directly to that but here is a starting point

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