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I have a product type that needs to counts the number of product types in boxes.
So if the product is Shampoo then how many boxes of shampoo or toothpaste how many boxes
What I want should look like this.
       Truck # 100
                                         Prell  :  20
                                        Crest : 48
                                        Floss : 52

Currently the data is in this format where the Products (Prell,Crest,Floss) are in a subreport with no way of counting the individual boxes. However at the primary report level I can count the boxes by product but do not know how to when I need to post them alongside the product types. As seen above. Can this be done...?

     Truck # 100
                        Total Boxes 120
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As per what I understood
from your Question
that you want the Sum of
the Total number of boxes
I it this?

than you Can use
the Sum formula to
and then Place the Formula field
Where you want

I think you will have to explain why you need to use a subreport to get a list of the product names.
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Agree.  WHy do you need the subreport and why can't you count them there.  

If you can count them in the main report then why not simply print the list from the main report.

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You guys were right I did not need to add a subreport after all. I was mistaken. I do not think this is a good question for the knowledge base. Sorry for the confusion.

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