Event id 904 after doing a restore of exchange information store

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Hi all!

Last night we had a serverfailure (power loss) on our exchange server 2000. When the server started the databases private store and public store would not mount. after a little search on google i found an article  from Microsoft stating that its always best to do a restore from backup rather than do a hard recovery on the database. Fine, i had good backup from the night before and i have the logfiles on the server so i decided to start the restore. after 15 hours the restore completed with an error from Symantec BackupExec:

Job ended: 14. mai 2011 at 06:18:31
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000fe7a - An error occurred while accessing Microsoft Exchange Server. Check the application event log on the Exchange Server for more details.
Final error category: Other Errors

And in the event log i can see that all logfiles are replayed in to the database but it failes on the last logfile E00.log and ESEBACKUP gives the following eventid:

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      ESE BACKUP
Event Category:      Callback
Event ID:      904
Date:            14.05.2011
Time:            06:18:30
User:            N/A
Computer:      ADM-EX01
Information Store (3056) Callback function call ErrESECBRestoreComplete ended with error 0xC800023E .

For more information, click http://www.microsoft.com/contentredirect.asp.

To me it seems that the logfile E00 was corrupted when our server went down is there any way to fix this file? I have tried to run ESEUTIL /r E00 but it returnes this error:

Operation terminated with error -543 (JET_errRequiredLogFilesMissing, The required log files for recovery is missing.) after 1.16 seconds.

Is there anybody out there who knows what to do? Im starting to get a bit desperat her;-)
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

You did of course do a backup of the server Before you started the restore?


Well, the backup i used to restore from was from the night before so the answer is yes (i hope)... But i did not take a backup the minutes before i started the restore operation... The database is 165 Gb.
In this, what you can do is, move the E00 and the exisitng database  from the default location to a new location so that when the restore is done, it would replay all the logs except for the E00 log.
This would also get the database in a clean shutdown state.
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Hi and tnx for replies.
Numero_Uno, so what you are telling me is to do a new restore, without the E00.log file in the logfiles location but leave all other logs in there? Do i have to save the streaming file as well before the new restore? (its a space issue:-))
Since the database size is large, keep the EDB and STM at the default location and just move the E00 file from the default location and then initiate a restore.


Ok, there is also a file calle E00.chk in the logfiles directory. Should i move that one as well?
Yes, Please do that as well.


:-D Youre indeed Numero Uno:-) Your solution worked fine and i will award you all the points for your solution.

Thank you very much!

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