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Hi dears,

I configured SIP libraries that is PJSIP. and  i sent a sip connection to sip server successfully, but now, i want to embed a gateway between my iPhone device and sip server for changing the sip data and then i have to change the IPs.(replace iphone ip with gateway ip and replace sip server ip with gateway ip). How can i do this ?

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So you are in the process of building the packets and re-writing the URIs correct? Do you need reference to the URI functions?



I wanted to change my sip headers, because i want my connection be safe and did not blocked in countries such as UEA. So in iPhone side, i want to change sip headers and send my sip connection to my gateway, and then i revert my changes in gateway and send it to sip server(the gateway and sip server are installed on the same server). how can i do that?

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