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Sharing folders with Win 7 & Vista

This is really annoying me, I am trying to set up a small network of 3 win 7 laptops and 1 vista machine, and can't see the vista machine in the map.

I have done this in the past and successfully set up a workgroup between win 7 and win xp machines.

All laptops can access the internet no problem. I am running a wifi broad band with a printer hard wired to the vista laptop. I started the project as I want to be able to print from all machines.

All three win 7 laptops can see each other no problem, but I can't see  the vista machine. I have tried all the normal things, like checking the network name etc, making sure network discovery is switched on, and public workgroup is selected.

It is strange that it is  so hard to share between vista & win 7 (when they are supposed to be so similar) and yet win xp and win 7 share share easily.
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