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I'm very interested in undertaking some Citrix certifications but not sure where to start.

* If I wanted to obtain certification with Citrix what should be the required Certification I have to acquire and what are the necessary exams and prerequisites.
* What Citrix certifications that are hot in the market right now.
* Can you tell me the difference between the Citrix Presentation Server and the XenServer 5 certification.
* If I take CCA 4.5, is this certification still relevant to the market? If not, what's certification which superseeded CCA 4.5?

Appreciate your help.
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This isn't the best answer so take it for what it is worth.

This is the site for Citrix Certification exams:

I'll tell you this though.  Certifications are good... but experience is better at least from a large enterprise perspective.

Presentation Server (Now called XenApp) and XenServer are completely different technologies.  XenApp is Hosted Desktops/Applications on a Windows Terminal Server (Remote Desktop Services is what they call it now I believe).  XenServer is a Type-I Hypervisor (ex. VMware) for hosting Virtual Machines (Server and/or Desktops).  

I would say in my territory XenApp Admins are in high demand, but Experience outweighs Certifications.  XenServer is growing but is behind VMware.  Not sure how close the XenServer and Hyper-V market are but Citrix and MS are working together with Virtual Desktops and the promote each other’s Hypervisor.  Although I've seen more people lean towards Hyper-V over XenServer.  They are trying to cut VMware's share of the market down.

If you more specific questions let the community know.


For me, relevant and sufficient necessary experienced have no substitute but couple with Certification makes you more marketable in the market...from my experience anyway.

Thus, XenApp competes directly with MS Remote Desktop Service whereas XenServer contest MS Hyper-V & VMWare which dominates the virtual server market at the moment?
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I apologize, but I have no idea what your first sentence means.  If you're saying certifications go farther than experience then I disagree.  I've seen a lot of people with Citrix/MS certifications in my past, that have no idea how to apply it to the "real world".

In no way am I saying they are bad, but I have no certifications but have in depth experience in "the real world" scenarios with a lot of software/technologies.

As for saying XenApp competes with RDS... they don't.  It depends on your use case.  We have MS reps and they always say XenApp is for Enterprise deployments.  RDS has its place but it isn't for large Virtual App/Desktop deployments.  If it was a small business with little budget/requirements then yes RDS.  For large deployments with a bigger budget/requirements then XenApp.  They aren't really competing technologies.  I'd go into the history of it all but that's a long conversation.

Now as for XenServer/Hyper-V/VMware, yes they are competing technologies.  Citrix and MS are going after VMware.  This can be debated, but VMware is a great product... but very expensive compared to Hyper-V and especially compared to XenServer.

That's not all the detials, but if you have more specific questions... please post.


hey KrAzy, i'm not disagreeing with is quite the opposite actually. Certifications are great on CV but employers know if you are theoriest or full of practical experience based from deploying XenApp or XenServer. OK, I see you point with XenApp vs MS contest here. Here in Australia, what the market is looking for is both: experienced plus certification.

Again, I agree with you on XenServer/Hyper-V/VMware...this is where crux of competition virtual server/desktop market. Without a doubt, VMware is the market is a pity you have to under go the right training to take VCP which is not cheap here in Australia.



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