Wireless Point-to-Point/multipoint bridge

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I have 3 buildings I need to connect via Cisco 1252 dual radio Access points. With the 1252's on the inside of the building with  the antenna's (each ap with 1 5GHz antenna and 1 2.4Ghz antenna) outside.

What I am wanting is to check my setup for anything I have missed.

There is a main office (HQ) and two remote offices (RO), the two ROs are only 100m each from the HQ. We are wanting to connect each office with 600mbps bandwidth hence the dual radio 1252.

The plan is to install two 1252's on the main building with two antenna's per AP and a single 1252 on each of the ROs with two antennas and configure a bridge between them.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this plan?

Also would it be possible to connect this via a point-to-multipoint link so the ROs share bandwidth and we only need a single 1252 at the HQ?

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I always advise against bridges; there's no point in wasting bandwidth on broadcast traffic (no pun intended).


Thats ok, we can do it as a layer 3 link. But will it work how I have described?
According to this document, Radio 1 and Radio 2 can both be simultaneously configured for bridge mode, so it looks like your proposal would work.


thanks for that asavener!

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