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I have two questions related to each other.

I have just installed a SBS 2011 for one of my clients.

They are complaining that they aren’t receiving all their mail as certain clients of them are complaining that they aren’t responding to the mails they send.

So, how can I check what mail is lying in the exchange spambox?


How can I “whitelist” these senders so that mail received from them will not be treated as spam/junk.

Thanks a lot

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Before you go too far and think that its an exchange issue - do a "blacklist" check to make sure the server/IP has not been spam blacklisted.. That would only explain why external clients are not receiving email, but wouldn't really explain why some emails are not being received..

Still worth a check
This one is quite good


thank you for the tool, but our IP Address is dynamic and not static.

is there a spam mailbox that one can see what is lying there and has been blocked by the server?

and there must be some way that one can whitelist certain users from outside the organization that sends mail to people inside the organization on the exchange.

You are looking to configure the Sender FIltering feature of Exchange's antiSpam

Check out this link for Managing Whitelists and Blacklists in Exchange
The Article is 2007 but the same applies in 2010
Just noticed the Dynamic IP, this could certainly prove to be an issue for you as you won't get the proper reverse records set up. Many mail servers perfrom reverse lookups prior to accepting mail from another server.
Also a Dynamically changing IP may provide you with a blacklisted IP address randomly and you will fail to deliver mail to alot of organizations until your IP changes again.

I would seriously consider shelling out the extra / month for a static range (at least 2 addresses for failover if you ever end up blacklisted)

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