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When does an unsecured wireless connection become secure?

Using an UNSECURED wireless connection to take over a remote computer using gotomypc, logmein, VPN or any secured remote software, and then use THAT computer to remote into another computer over a secure or cabled connection, is the second connection secured at all or is it too open?

Here is an example:
PC1 is connected to internet via an unsecured wireless connection.
PC1 remotes into PC2 using logmein. (this is an AES256-SHA 256 bit encryption)
PC2 is then used to take over PC3 via logmein over a secured or cabled network connection. Again this connection is also AES256-SHA 256 bit encryption.

Is the data transmitted between PC2 & PC3 (being viewed and controlled by PC1) secure?  if passwords are exchanged between PC2 & PC3 are they able to be intercepted and viewed due to the unscured connection between PC1 and PC2?
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