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Help with SEO google listing

I have a website which was published over 6 weeks ago. The website mainly consists of a form which allows a user to submit info to get a quote for a steel building.

There is hardly any competition in the area where I live, but for some reason, the site is not showing up at all in Google.

I have added meta keywords and a meta description, and I've submitted the URL. For some reason, the site is still not showing up in Google. Even if I type in the website URL in the Google search bar, the site still does not come up.

I have several domain names all forwarded to one main domain name for the website. Several of the forwarded domain names actually contain the town and steel buildings in it.

I'm baffled as to why the website is not showing up yet in Google. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

here is a link to the website: www.mwebdev.com/x2.html
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