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I have a website which was published over 6 weeks ago. The website mainly consists of a form which allows a user to submit info to get a quote for a steel building.

There is hardly any competition in the area where I live, but for some reason, the site is not showing up at all in Google.

I have added meta keywords and a meta description, and I've submitted the URL. For some reason, the site is still not showing up in Google. Even if I type in the website URL in the Google search bar, the site still does not come up.

I have several domain names all forwarded to one main domain name for the website. Several of the forwarded domain names actually contain the town and steel buildings in it.

I'm baffled as to why the website is not showing up yet in Google. Please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

here is a link to the website:
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It is difficult to "game" Google!  If it were easy (like in the olden days) all you would see on every search is porn!

That said, the main criteria Google uses to rank sites (currently) is the number of OTHER web pages that have links to YOURS!

This has resulted in tons of bloggers out there who just use their sites as SEO pushers...
Google may change this strategy at any time if they feel it no longer works, but currently the rule number 1 of SEO:
   Get OTHERS to post links to MY site!
Oh, yeah...
Here it is from the source:

Also, I forgot that you can always use "Adwords" to PAY for traffic... More info on that option in the above article as well!
Senior Associate: Social Listening
The first thing is that adding a meta description and meta keywords doesn't get you ranked in search engines.  A matter of fact, search engines don't use meta descriptions or meta keywords to determine ranking.  As well, submitting your URL to Google doesn't guarantee that you website will be indexed.  There are a number of factors that search engines (including Google) take into account in order to rank.  The things that help you get you ranked are making sure there is valuable, useful and unique content on your website that is related to the keywords you are targeting as well as obtaining links from high quality websites related to you field.

Taking a look at your website, is never going to rank because you have it redirecting to your main website.  Taking a look at your main website, you only have one page with very little content that has no reference to what you are trying to target.  Search engines take a look at the content of that page to determine where to rank for key terms, if you have only one page of non descriptive content, you are not going to rank well.  You are correct that your main website is not being indexed, which I would assume is because it only consists of one page with not much content on the page referencing what the site/page is about.

What I would suggest is building out your site more with valuable content instead of just a form.  Things you can add are an About Us section, FAQs, resources on your product, what your product is about, etc.  These things will make your website look more like a website and add value and content for users and Search Engines.  

As well, I also noticed that you are missing some key components to your website.  Take a look at this guide, it will give you some information on a checklist of things to take into account as you build pages and a good source to learn SEO.

Beginner's Guide to SEO
Fundamentals of JavaScript

Learn the fundamentals of the popular programming language JavaScript so that you can explore the realm of web development.


Thanks guys, I'll review the links you sent.

The link I posted is not the link being used... I just posted this redirect link because I didn't want the actual URL being posted.

However,  you bring up another question... I have several other links that are forwarded to the main site link. These other links have good keywords in the domain name (steel, building, city name etc). Can domain forwarding have any negative effect on ranking? Thanks.
Matthew NguyenSenior Associate: Social Listening
Correct, the comments noted above are in reference to URL that you are redirecting to.

It depends how you are doing the forwarding.  If you are doing a server side 301 redirect, that does not affect your rankings, it actually passes value from one domain to another.  If you are doing a Javascript redirect, you could run into some issues with cloaking, which Google doesn't like and will affect your rankings.
Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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First, make a main page with actual content.  Second, generate a 'sitemap.xml' and upload it to Google Webmaster Tools so they will know about your pages.  I use GSiteCrawler Google Sitemap Generator for that.  Third, domain names by themselves get you nothing.  There are more domain names that are registered and Not being used than Are being used.  Fourth, Google is not a 'local' search engine.  If someone searches for 'steel buildings' they will get listings from all over, not just your local area.  Even if they do specify your area, there is nothing on that page to identify it so there is no reason for Google to bring it up in search results.


Thanks guys. I'll be sure to review the material you linked to and make the recommended changes.

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