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I have created one usercontrol to deploy as a webpart.Iam developing one simple application with sharepoint site.In the usercontrol  iam placing 3 text boxes and 3 bottons.(Imagine that County,State list,City)in a button click event i have to retrive data from Sqlserver DB and showing in Lookup window by catching in gridview whic has more than 200 records of patients details.this process applicable for 3 buttons.. So here i have taken user control as a parent and all 3 (Coutry,state,Name)  child as a ASPX pages.iam unble to retrieve the aspx pages in a site when i cilck the button. I tried to give the path in Layout folder ..but no go..i tried with different folder still no go...pls guide me how to call aspx page in usercontrol to deploy as a webpart or any other ways to do with this issue.. please check the one.jpeg image which shows  of solution explorer structrure. and in second  image by clicking button how it will display the lookup window. in third image is usercontrol page..
pls give me the suitable answers and solutions..
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looks like you are new to sharepoint development, you have to use right tools. whenever you do some application on sharepoint, you are extending/enhancing sharepoint. To do that, you need to create sharepoint features, install it and activate it

1) Download VseWSS

2) Setup project structure & Refer some good articles
Usrcontrols go to CONTROLTEMPLATES directory
Pages go to Layouts folder
DLL go to GAC/BIN  folder

3) Code, deploy your features

If all of 3 are correct, it will work
Two more steps
you need to sign your assembly, refer Sign assembly brefore you can put in GAC

Add your controls and webparts into sfaecontrols list Safecontrols


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