IP address for remote computer connecting to VPN on sbs 2008 server

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I have a SBS 2008. The operating system had to be totally re-installed due to some hardware failure. I  previously had The VPN working. I have not changed anything on the router so it is still set up.  I went thru the wizard setting up the VPN on the Server from the server console. Now when I  connect to the Vpn I do get connected however even though it says I am connected it tells me I have no network access and it gives my remote pc a '169.' address instead of a '10.10.10.z' address that the server and workstations internally have, I do have the users on the workstation with VPN connection rights so I know that is not the issue. I'm just not sure where or what I do on the Server to get it to hand out the'10.10.10.x address to the connecting VPN remote pc. Thanks for your guidance !
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Either enable a DHCP range or DHCP relay on the VPN server.

SBS 2008 instructions for setting up DHCP on RRAS
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/238167 (Section titled Configure the RAS Server)
CSIPComputingHead of IT
I saw this at one of my customers, and a restart of the DHCP service sorted it.

You should see in the DHCP active leases screen at least 6 entries for your server with a phone symbol next to them. These are the addresses that the server will give out to VPN users.

If you don't see those, I'd be tempted to turn off the VPN using the standard wizard on the network->connectivity tab, then turn it back on.

Let me know what you see in your DHCP and we'll try to figure out why it's causing a problem.


I actually read these articles and then  ran the  'Fix it' wizard in the VPN and it actually fixed it and it does work now. I can connect to 2 of 3 pc's and get an error on one now. Working on that individual error now. Thanks for your help !

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