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Hoping for some help re. SCR here. Been reading around on the net but can't find the answer.

Example situation: 2 x node SCC cluster (Server1, Server2 and CMS name SCC1), SCR target server is SCR1.

1. If I log onto the CMS, is there a command I can run to find out how SCR copy is going without knowing the name of the SCR target? We have so many servers and targets, it would be really easy if I could run a command on a server to find out how SCR copy is working (healthy etc) for all SG's on that server without having to find the name of the standby machine first.

2. If I wanted to disable SCR for an SG, I know there is a command for that, but is there a command so I can disable/suspend SCR for an entire server without having to go through each SG?

3. Copy Queue Length is the length of the queue between the source and the target, which should always be as low as possible, but what is the replay queue length and what affects how high or low this is? What is the effect of having this number high?

Many thanks for any help. All relates to Exch 2007
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Get-StorageGroup -Server SCC1 | Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus -StandbyMachine SCR1

Get-StorageGroup -Server SCC1 | Suspend-StorageGroupCopy -StandbyMachineSCR1

The replay queue length is dependent on the replaylagtime setting
you can set this value to 24 hours if you wanted to ensure that corruption or viruses do not replay into the database immediately
sometimes you will have two SCR copies on with replaylagtime of 0 and the other with 24 hours

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