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Site Failover and Hub Transport query


I am learning about SCR in Exchange 2007 and DR, and there is one thing I'm not sure on.

We have one campus (AD site), which has two Data Centre rooms, DC1 and DC2. They both have a CCR cluster each and an SCR target each. So DC1 CCR has SCR copy to the DC2 SCR target etc.

Question - if DC1 goes down, then we would activate the SCR target for DC1_CCR which is in DC2. This takes care of the mailbox side of things, but how about the Hub/CAS servers, how can we prevent connections going to them?

For the Hub, would we need to pause the Transport service or the Queues in any way?

And what about the CAS?

I guess if we had both DC's in a seperate AD site, that would have helped?
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