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I use oracle sql developer 3.0 to debug a procedure. I compile for debug, set my breakpoint on a line and click the debug button. It produces a pl/sql block for the procedure which can be used for the debugging output but it comments out the DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE parts. It calls this legacy code. Why does it comment this out? How do I prevent it from doing so? Where is the setting for this so I can turn it off?


    IN_VAR => IN_VAR,
  /* Legacy output: 

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- it is commented so that it won't display the output on script/dbms-output window unnecessarily each time you run the procedure. so you can delete out the comments "/* Legacy output:" and "*/". then run it during debugging purposes. apply the comment back when you have finish the debugging.


Yes I already gathered this much on it. But do you know how to prevent it from doing so? I want to see all output all the time. This is the purpose of debugging for me. I've seen other peoples sql developer (same version as mine) simply output everything as a default. ie: there is no commenting out what it calls legacy output. Do you know what preference setting would turn this commenting off?
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- i can see that you've also open the same question on OTN.
- i've downloaded the latest sql developer 3.0 and try to simulate your pl/sql debugging step. however i didnt get the DBMS_OUTPUT automatically as you do. in the preferences especially on >code editor and debugger options does not have any option on this.
- i would suggest, uncomment any DBMS_OUTPUT that you need to be permanent displaying the output. or does it re-comment back the DBMS_OUTPUT whenever you run the procedure?
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I've face the same problem. Once I've uncomment that part, then it was working properly. It never commented automatically later on.


Yes I did post the question on OTN. I would delete it if I could. I would still seek to reward the points to you guys for your efforts on Experts Exchange.
I did also see myself that once uncommented it remains as such. I guess its the best I can do. A pain but at least it remembers.
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- i believe thats the only way for now, uncomment manually. i've look around and there is no documented on uncommented debugging options in the documentation.
- let the question run on OTN too, as sometimes Oracle technical do respond to the questions there.

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