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VMWare Vsphere 4 VM Disk

I have a VM that I am unable to resize the disk space.  This option is greyed out whether it is shut down or powered on.  I have tried moving to a new data store and this did not fix the issue.  Does anyone know an easy way to fix this?
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Is there any snapshot for that VM?
Is your virtual hard disk an IDE (check VM settings -> SCSI Controller)? If so, look at this KB to change your disk from IDE to SCSI:

Is the disk IDE or do you have any snapshots.

IDE disks do not support resize.

If you have an IDE disk, try VMware Converter to Convert your VM to a new VM, resize disk at the same time, and use a SCSI disk for the conversion.

Download VMware vCenter Converter here

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.x Documentation

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.3 User Guide

For the conversion steps, read fellow Expert Bestway's article.

Best Practice Video Guide here
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i just checked.  this server has 2 drives and both are SCSI
do you have snapshots?
or maybe even a VM backup job running against your VM?
A 'quick fix' for you would be to create a new VM, or just use a non-critical VM already created. Detach the virtual disk from this VM (*DO NOT DELETE IT FROM DISK*). Attach the disk to a 2nd VM. Assuming this is Windows, log into the 2nd VM to make sure the disk is initialized and shows up. Go into the 2nd VM's settings and modify the disk size as needed. Log into Windows again and use diskpart to then modify the partition (see MS KB: Once complete, detach this disk from your 2nd VM, then reattach it to your orig VM. Before doing this, if possible, make a backup of the virtual disk (vmdk).

it has 1 snapshot
can i attach even the primary OS disk to the new vm?  
'commit' the snapshot, wait for it to complete (could take a little while depending on its size), then try to resize it....or use my method above....
is this a system volume or secondary volume you wanna resize? if system volume, and after you commit the snap your disk is then enabled to resize, you need to use a 3rd party tool like GParted or Paragon to modify the disk partition to the increased size you want (GParted: If a secondary volume, you can simply use Windows diskpart (see my link above) to modify the volume. can just simply use vCenter Converter as noted above by "hanccocka"
Yep...sure can; that's the beauty of that method. Regardless that its a primary volume on 1 VM, when you attach it to a 2nd VM, it automatically becomes a 2nd volume and diskpart can then be used.
one question, how do i detach and then re-attach to the new VM?
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Ok, thanks!  This fixed it, I am not sure why all of a sudden I was unable to resize the disk, do you know what causes this to happen?
There's several reasons...some of which we covered but seemingly didn't apply. Your disk could have a 'lock' on it by a b/u running against it, the disk is IDE, and snapshot attached to it, causing a lock (which u had).