Laptop Acer Aspire 7736Z-4809 Keyboard Issue

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My nephews laptop is having a problem with a couple of keys. For instance, when I hit the number 1 key in Microsoft Works Word Processor it does type the number 1, but it also executes the Help for the Word Processor. When I hit the number 6, it types 6t. When I hit the 8, it types 8u and when I hit the number 9 it types 9p. It also does the reverse for the number keys that I already mentioned. If I hit the t, it also types 6t and so on with the others. I have checked all the other keys and they seem to be fine. I have plugged in a usb keyboard and that works fine. Anybody have any idea why this is happening. Thanks
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Usually caused by either dirt or some other problem on the ribbon cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard...

I would try removing the keyboard (usually only a few screws) and removing the cable, cleaning (use a soft pencil eraser lightly on contacts) and reinstalling.  While the keyboard is removed, you can also try and dislodge any dirt under the keycaps by hoding it upside-down over a solid surface and rapping it several times to let the dirt escape...

Finally, if all else fails you can replace the keyboard (usually $25-$50) or use an external USB replacement (usually $10-$25) and ignore the built-in keyboard...

Least inexpensive source for keyboards:  EBAY!  Just search by part #/model #


By the way, when I hit those keys and leave them pressed, it will type what I mentioned before but only once. Then it will continue with the letter. So if i hit the number 9, it will show as 9pppppppppppppppppp and so on.
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Before doing anything else, I would verify that it IS the keyboard, by plugging an external keyboard in and making sure the problem is not on the external keyboard as well... If so,  I would feel confident in dealing with the internal keyboard!


I mentioned above that I had tried the external keyboard. It works fine. A cleaning could be the problem, but it is wierd that the problem is with just four keys. Especialy the issue with the number 1 key. Why when in word hitting the 1 also brings up the help for that application?
It's quite possible that something has been spilled in the keyboard. The help for Microsoft Word is bought up by pressing F1 which is very close to the 1 key. Also, the 9 key is very close to the P, so in all honesty, what you are describing doesn't surprise me.

Laptop keyboards if bought from eBay (as mentioned above) are pretty cheap, and easy to replace as long as you are confident and comfortbale to do so.

The keyboards are normally held in place either by a plastic strip at the top of the keyboard (with the power button, caps lock light etc), AND possibly by either a screw under the casing, or a couple of screws under the above mentioned plastic strip.

The ribbon cables are easily released from the motherboard.

In all honesty, laptop keyboards aren't normally worth repairing, so if it were me I would just replace it...

However, if you DO go down the router of buying a replacement, what I would suggest is remove the original keyboard first, and search on eBay for the part number which will be printed on the back of the keyboard rather than searching for the make/model of the laptop as the keyboards are usually found in more than one make / model of laptop.
I forgot that you said the external keyboard works fine...

So it is either dirt in the contacts or the ribbon cable...

The links I sent are active in ebay & will fit your laptop...

It's an easy enough repair... only requires a small screwdriver and about 15-20 minutes of patient work!


Are there any other fixes beside having to change the keyboard or clean the keys that will correct this problem? Nothing has ever spilled on this laptop. It is about a year old and looks brand new. Looks like there should be no keyboard issue yet there is one. I do not see a spec of dirt or anything else between the keys. Anyway, if there is something else that we should take a look at before buying a new keyboard, please let me know. Thanks
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other than replacing the keyboard, you can TEST if it is hardware, by running from a live cd - and see if it happens :  Knoppix                               BartPe
You say it's about a year old - might be worth checking either the invoice or the Acer warranty site - it may still be covered, in which case get it sent back for a warranty repair


Since my nephew still has a warranty through Staples, he took it back so that they can replace the keyboard. Hopefully that is it and they don't charge him anything. Thank you all for the help. I sure appreciate it.

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