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Visual Studio's Test Editor cursor not visible when using Remote Desktop

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Visual Studio 2008
VM Ware Remote Desktop

I use a dark background theme for Visual Studio 2008.  I've used it for years.  Never had a problem with it until now.  (Do a Google search for "Visual Studio Dark Side Theme" to find that theme.)

Anyway, I recently started using Remote Desktop regularly to get into my Development box from a home office.  While the theme looks great locally, it has one problem when I view it with Remote Desktop... I can't see the cursor when viewing actual code in the Text Editor.  Visual Studio turns the cursor into a black vertical selector when you move into the code window.  That black vertical selector against a black background is impossible to use.  I can see the selector when I move across text that is a different color.

EVERYTHING else looks exactly the same as when I use the machine locally.  This is the only thing that comes across differently in remote desktop.  All other windows and applications look and perform beautifully remotely... except for this one little issue with the cursor in Visual Studio's Text Editor.  It is difficult to work with the cursor this way and I really don't want to give up my dark background theme.

My Attempts To Fix:
So I've tried different Windows themes.  I've tried all of the pre-set performance settings in Windows 7 including "Best Performance", "Best Appearance" and "Let Windows Decide".  (They're labeled slightly differently than that but you get the idea.)  None of those made a difference.

I switched to a white theme (cold shiver goes down my spine) while connected remotely and the cursor is totally visible because it is dark against that blinding background.  Immediately switched back to the dark theme so as to save my eyes.

I've looked through the Fonts and Colors settings in Visual Studio and I can't see any adjustments that would resolve this problem.  I'm hoping I've overlooked something obvious.

So... anyone know of a way to force Visual Studio to use a White cursor when you move into the code text editor window?  I suppose I could use some white-out but that doesn't seem to stick to the cursor very well.

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