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I'm trying to create a registry entry so that Outlook has some new accounts (created programmatically) here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook\9375CFF0413111d3B88A00104B2A6676

The problem is that one of the entries requires a Mini UID and I don't know how to generate one of those.  A sample one is 2f3b8980, but this seems to be a unique number that Outlook(or maybe Windows) creates.

Does anyone know how to create these?
Or do you know anything else about them, like can I create my own ID?
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Crazy complicated. I've seen Outlook Profiler get used to automate and totally manage Outlook Profiles. If you figure it out ... several years later ... please post back and help the rest of us!


ok thx pc
maybe that's why people use Profiles...
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hi  rspahitz, just my 2cents:
- i would suggest you to read prf documentations to understand how it generate the uid for creation of a new profile. playing around with it might be able to give you idea on how prf/registry create the uid.
- alternatively, while you find a way to work with the uid, why not generate the prf file pragramatically from your application and execute it into registry from your program to create the profile. reason i'm suggesting this, incase in future release of Outlook, Microsoft change its stratergy in creating profiles, you are likely need to restructure your whole code, except within prf function only, or maybe not even a single change is needed.

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Thanks OP.  That's a good strategy.  However, I was really looking (originally) at how to create the entry from Outlook VBA and the only way we could come up with was to create the registry entry (or indirectly make the PRF.)  That led me to working more with the registry and I thought I'd take the time to learn about these mysterious Mini UIDs that I found.
I'll check into your idea to see if I learn anything.
OK, at this point, I can't even find any references to the Mini UID on
I'll consider this a failure on the original premise, but success on some of the alternative ideas.


I guess that some things are not worth wasting time over. I've search for this for two weeks without success.
The alternatives are good enough.

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