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Outlook 2010 Custom Contact Form

When I open the customized form, the attached is what I see on the categories page. Is this supposed to be the items on the Excel spreadsheet with the custom categories list? BTW, we went with the * instead of the #.
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Hmmmm.  No, you shouldn't see that.  I'll modify the form to use an asterisk instead of a pound sign.  Do you have any categories defined in your system?
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Here are the categories.

Are the categories appearing in Outlook?
No. They were previously when it was picking them up from the spreadsheet. The screen shot above is what's showing now.
So there are no categories defined in Outlook?
When I click on Categories in a newly created contact, I see what is shown in the Categories.png file above. I thought the form would be reading from the spreadsheet.
Just thought of something ... I didn't install the new template in the same Outlook profile I did the earlier work in. I did it on a different one. Is that the problem?
No, that's not it.  The two solutions are independent.  Forgetting about the new template altogether, are there any categories listed in the Outlook profile you're testing with?
There were before I loaded the new template.
The template doesn't delete categories (or anything else).  They should still be there.  If you open a contact and click the Categories button on the ribbon do you see any categories listed?
What I see when I click on Categories is exactly what's shown in the file Categories.png at the top of this thread.

CheckBox1 with a box to check before it listed five times.

If I click on the Categorize button, I see six color categories as shown in the attached file.
Did you publish the form to a forms library or are you opening it from the template file?
I published it to my personal forms library per the instructions. Have to leave for several hours, but let me know if I need to do something differently. And, if we need to set up a remote session so you can see it, I can do that.
How are you creating an item using this form?  If you open the form in the form editor and run it from there do the categories appear on the Categories page?
Also, what folder are you creating the form in?
I'm clicking on New Contact to create an item. When I open from the form editor and click on Categories folder, I see the six color categories. I'm creating the form in the Personal Forms Library.

I have an appointment with April this afternoon to review, so let me know if we need to change or try something else.

We've gone through the steps for publishing WRF.oft contact template to April's Personal Library.  We had some problems, but I believe we're seeing what we're supposed to be seeing now-both the old and new categories. When I created a new test user and tried to save without the category selected, the message came up, but after I selected a new category and tried to save, the message "The contact cannot be saved until one of the required categories is selected" came up again. Could it be because we're using an asterisk and not a # symbol preceding the special categories?

That's good news.  Yes, I use the # instead of the *.  I'll fix that and send you another template file.  IN the meantime, if you add a category that begins with a #, then you should be able to save a contact once you've added it to the contact's categories.
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Will do. Thanks so much.
Would it be possible to provide a script to install the form in each user's Outlook?
You're welcome.