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How do I grant users Full Access and Send As permission at the same time in Exchange 2010


I've been working on this for a few days now, and I have given up...

We have a "public" e-mail address: info@ourdomain.com. This e-mail address is the primary e-mail address of an AD account named "Customer Service".

I need people in customer service to be able to view incoming e-mails, and replying back to the customers using the "Customer Service" account as the sender.

I have added a few users using the "Manage Send As permission..." in the Exchange MMC. These users can now send e-mails as the "Customer Service" account. But they do not see any new e-mails arriving in the "Customer Service" mailbox.

If I grant them "Full Access Permission" they can see e-mails and if I grant them Send As permissons additionally, they can also send as "Customer Service", but after some time, the Send As permissions disappear (I assume it's the AdminSDHolder that cleans up).

I think this is a pretty common scenario - having mutiple people managing a customer support mailbox so there must be an easy way to accomplish this simple task.

Thanks for any help or directions.

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