IE9 (32bit) on Win7 64 Flash 10.3 problem

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Hi Experts,

It seems like since I allowed flash to update to 10.3 my browser is a jacked up now.  Any site that uses flash seems to position the flash elements in random places and many of them flicker on and off.  Updated Java in case theres a SWFObject problem and reset my browser settings. Nothing seems to help.   I've followed many of the instructions found in Google for this problem and they don't seem to help.

Can someone explain how to correct this please?

see screen shot for example


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HelpNearMe--Have you tried running that site on Compatibility View?  It may be coding on the site and not Flash that is causing the problem.
If that is not the fix, run a System Restore to a time before you installed Flash 10.3.  (or uninstall Flash 10.3 using the Adobe Uninstaller and reinstall Flash 10.2 ) to see if the new Flash is really the problem.  
Running IE9 32 bit on Win 7 64 bit should not be a problem.  
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That problem not in the Flash Player, is IE9 HTML rendering issue.
Open GMAIL its crappy we had same problem when IE8 comes on the market until Google team fixed java scripts framework.
So, wait 3-5 month and your problem will solve :)

Run this fixit in windows 7

You might have to restart the computer.



Wow this worked.... I won't ask why or how but it worked.  Thanks!

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