Can I use Visual Studio to trace/debug an executable instead of using Windbg?

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I've been using Windbg to trace executables for which I do not have the source code. I recently got Visual Studio 2010. Is there a way I can use Visual Studio 2010 instead of Windbg to trace/debug an executable?

I tried running Windows Calculator, then in VS doing DEBUG -> ATTACH TO PROCESS, select CALC.EXE, it cheerfully attaches, supposedly, but shows nothing. Disassembly window says, "Disassembly cannot be displayed in run mode."

Am I stuck using Windbg?
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You can't display anything while it is running.  You can pause it by selecting Debug/Break All.

On calculator, it won't show you much but you can see the call stack.
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Debug/Break All. That's the ticket.

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