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Change IP Address

Hi Experts,
I would like to change the IP address of my PC.  Here is what I already tried and failed as below:

1. - Goto MS Dos prompt
    - Power cycle the modem.

2. - Control Pannel, than Network Connections
    - Right click on Local Area Connection and Disable
    - Power cycle the Modem
    - Right click on Local Area Connection and Enable

The above steps did not help me.  Please let me know if there is something else.  Many many thanks in advance.
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Sanjay Santoki
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If you are getting IP address from DHCP server, you have followed proper steps. In case of static please follow below steps.

Control Pannel ->  Network Connections -> properties of  Local Area Connection -> TCP/IP -> Properties -> write IP address, Subnet Mast, Default Gateway and Nameservers.

Sanjay Santoki
Go into the configuration of your router/modem, and assign a static ip address to your pc. You can assign it any valid address, normally you would change only the last digits after the last "."

If you subsequently want to change it again, you can manually change the static ip in the router for your pc.
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Hi Sanjay,
Thank you for your quick response. In the above steps, you want me to write my own IP address?  If os, any rules or I can type any number.  Please let me know.  

Thank you again for your time and help.

If you are going to connect your PC with existing network, IP address should be with same series.

e.g. if your network is configured with 192.168.0.x your IP should be 192.1680.200 (xx).

Sanjay Santoki
Hi CSIPComputing,
Thank you for your response.  I don't have a router.  I have a cable modem from Comcast.  How would I do that?

Thank you again for your time and help.
I don't have a router, FYI.  Also, I just don't want to change the last few digits, but the entire set of numbers.  I feel somebody is accessing my PC when it is left on.

If you are getting an ip address such as 192.168.0.nnn then you should log in to the modem and adjust DHCP. It doesn't matter that it's a modem.

HOWEVER if you are getting an ip address that doesn't begin with 192.168 then your modem is passing through your external ip address to your pc, and there's nothing you can do to change your ip address.

What ip address do you have? (ipconfig will tell you this!)
My IP address is, so I can't do anything?
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Ian Pattison
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Now I connected the modem to a DLINK router.  Now, I am logged in to the router and make changes.  But, it doesn't save.  When I save and come back, it restores its old address back.  Any idea?  Thank you much.
Did you connect the modem to the WAN port of the router?

You can't just plug it in anywhere. And it must be the correct type of router.

Did you configure DHCP on the router?

What do you mean "but it doesn't save"? What doesn't save?
I was trying to cofigure wrong.  I was using a number more that 255, so it was not saving.  But now it is saving.  Here I am getting another problem.  Once the IP address is saved, I am not getting internet at all.  At the same time, I am not able sign in to the Router.  The only way I am able to sign in is, rest the router (by inserting a pin in a small hole in the back).  When I do this, I am back to the old IP address.  Answer to your questions are below.  Thank you again.

1. Yes, the network cable is connected to WAN port of the router.
2. Yes you are right, I am trying to configure DHCP on the router.
If you have the modem in the WAN port, and your router has DHCP enabled, then you don't need to change any ip addresses.

Your PC should now have a 192.168.nnn.nnn address, as should your router on the LAN side.  You should always be able to access the configuration pages of your router.

You should then check the WAN settings of your router.  It may need the username and password from your ISP, however, it also may not.  It should get an IP address on the WAN side from your modem (just like your PC did).

At that point, you should have internet access, and you don't need to change any addresses.

Then to check your firewall, please visit and perform a Shields-up test, and make sure you get a "Passed" report on the "All Service Ports" test.
Thank you CSIPComputing for you wonderful help.  Here I am totally lost.  So, I would not be able to change the IP address?  That is what you are trying to say?  Thanks.
What I am saying is that the ip address you are trying to change is the one given to you by your ISP, and therefore there's very little you can do to change it, and it wouldn't be done on your equipment anyway!

With a router in place, you can better protect your pc, as it will be behind a firewall, but you still can't change the ip address that you want to change.

If you are lost when trying to configure your router, then abandon it, and install zone alarm or similar software on your pc, and set it as strict as possible on inbound connections.
netsh interface ip set address "Local Area Connection" static 1
djashley, Thank you for your response.  It is difficult to understand what you are trying to say.  Please describe more.  Thanks.
Please reboot ur pc
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Guys, thank you for all the help.  Though the replies are helpfull, but it did not resolve my issue.  If you are saying I can't change my IP address, then what is these (ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew)dos command ment for?  Anyway, thank you all again for your help.