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I have the following laptop specs and I'm not quite sure which virtual box version is the right one to download since most of them seem to be supported by AMD only.

Operating System
      MS Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP2
      Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7500  @ 2.20GHz      57 °C
      Merom 65nm Technology
      2.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15)
      LENOVO 6459CTO (None)      57 °C
      ThinkPad Display 1680x1050 (1680x1050@60Hz)
      256MB Quadro FX 570M (Lenovo)      63 °C
Hard Drives
      98GB Seagate ST910021AS (SATA)      37 °C
Optical Drives
      SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio

Thank you
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In order to run VirtualBox on your machine, you need:
•Reasonably powerful x86 hardware. Any recent Intel or AMD processor should do.
•Memory. Depending on what guest operating systems you want to run, you will need at least 512 MB of RAM (but probably more, and the more the better). Basically, you will need whatever your host operating system needs to run comfortably, plus the amount that the guest operating system needs. So, if you want to run Windows XP on Windows XP, you probably won't enjoy the experience much with less than 1 GB of RAM. If you want to try out Windows Vista in a guest, it will refuse to install if it is given less than 512 MB RAM, so you'll need that for the guest alone, plus the memory your operating system normally needs.
 •Hard disk space. While VirtualBox itself is very lean (a typical installation will only need about 30 MB of hard disk space), the virtual machines will require fairly huge files on disk to represent their own hard disk storage. So, to install Windows XP, for example, you will need a file that will easily grow to several GB in size.
 •A supported host operating system. Presently, we support Windows (XP and later), many Linux distributions, Mac OS X, Solaris and OpenSolaris.
 •A supported guest operating system. Besides the user manual (see below), up-to-date information is available at "Status: Guest OSes".



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