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Jason Watkins
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I have a Poweredge 2900, running SBS 2003. There are consistent entries in the Event Log (32, 13512, 1589) that indicate the disks have write cache enabled. I went into the device manager and disabled that setting for the Perc SCSI controller, but that hasn't cleared the error. (Yes, I rebooted the server). Anything else I can do?


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Write caching is usually configured in the SCSI Controller bios, which is usually accessed by pressing F8 during the server start-up process.

Look for you server initialising the SCSI controller and locating scsi devices, it should then prompt you to press F8 to configure the SCSI devices... That's where you turn off write caching.

Hope that helps.
Jason WatkinsIT Project Leader


I was afraid of that. I'll give it a look and see if that does it. BTW, is there any harm in leaving the caching enabled, as from the obvious?
Unless your cache has battery backup onboard, In the event of a power failure, you can lose unwritten data, which could be fatal to the server if it's registry information etc...

But you knew that...

I'd turn it off ASAP!
Viral RathodConsultant
--The above is information Events which occurs during Server Restart ,Today's RAID controller (Dell Power Edge) has it's own
 battery built into the board ,The RAID controller's battery preserves the contents of its nonvolatile cache memory (NVRAM) in the event of power loss,

Some third-party programs require disk write caching to be enabled or disabled. In addition, enabling disk write caching may increase operating system performance, so in summary Disk Cache Should be Enabled.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor
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